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This means, if you choose to watch for free, you’ll enjoy 24-hour access to the daily presentations … usually 5 or 6 per day.

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Presentations Include . . .

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

AI And The Future Of Food

Marjory Wildcraft

10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate

David the Good

21 Amazing Trees You Can Grow From Seed!

Stacey Murphy

3 Simple Strategies To Start Growing Vegetables And Herbs Indoors

Lynn Gillespie

Setting Up Your Greenhouse For Success

Anne-Marie “Dash” Miller

Beginners Guide to Bee Keeping

Scott Sexton

Harvesting And Using Acorns: The 10 Minute Method

Dr. Patrick Jones

Kitchen Medicine: Amazing Herbal Remedies In Your Spice Drawer!

Monica Gagliano

Can Plants Learn, Remember, And Communicate?

Melissa Norris

Grow A Years Worth Of Tomatoes: Tips To Increase Harvest And Combat Disease

Justin Rohner

How To Automate And Optimize Your Irrigation

Deborah Neimann

How To Be A Midwife To Goats

Stephanie Syson

How To Grow And Use Medicinal Herbs

Robert Kourik

Understanding Roots: How To Make Your Garden Flourish

Anne-Marie “Dash” Miller

Free Chicken Feed: 3 DIY Systems For Growing Insects For Your Girls

David the Good

Sheet Mulching Like A Boss: The Non-Fattening Way To Make Lasagna

Wardee Harmon

Home Grain Milling 101

Tom Bartels

5 Essentials To Jumpstart Your Food Garden This Year

Bentley Christie

Worm Composting In Trenches For Massive Garden Productivity

Justin Rhodes

How To Scythe And STOP Weeding, Watering And Fertilizing

Kevin Enspiritu

How To Grow Lettuce Microgreens Fast And Easy

Bill Osuch

The 6 Types Of Hydroponic Systems

Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin Q & A With Grow Network Members

Woody Tasch

Slow Money And Nurture Capital: A New Vision Of Food, Money, And Soil

Dr. Patrick Jones

Undercover Herbalism: How To Get Medicinal Plants Into The Kiddos

Rick Sapio and Matt Manero

Achieve Business Success:  How To Utilize The 12 Foundational Principles Of Business


How To Cook On A Woodburning Stove

Paul Gautschi

Back To Eden

Savannah Brown

The Chicken Whisperer

Adrienne Fiakas

One Hour Cheese

John Livingston

Chicken Sales Mini Business

Paul Wheaton

Cooking With A Rocket Oven

Jessica Smith

Why Growing Your Own Food Is Essential To Living To A Healthy 100 Years Old

Jason Matyas

5 Keys To Gardening Success: Lessons Learned From Tripling A Garden’s Area In One Year

Jade Koyle

Ancient & Whole Grains

Finian Makepeace

How To Become A Pro Soil Advocate

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Making Herbal Medicine Kit

Learn to take care of 95% of your common healthcare needs, at home, safely, with medicines you make yourself in your kitchen.

Each Medicine Making Kit is lovingly handcrafted and carefully designed to get you started making and using your own medicine immediately.

The 8 lesson training and kit contains all the materials and knowledge you need to begin your journey as a Medicine Woman or Medicine Man.

And when you complete both certifications, let us know and we’ll send you your “I’m a Medicine Woman/Man” T-shirt!

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All American SUN OVEN® with Dehydrating and Preparedness Accessory Package

Everything you need to cook, dehydrate, bake and pasteurize water with the World’s Most Universal Power Source… Free Sunshine!

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The Human Longevity Project DVD Package

With the Human Longevity Project Physical Package, you’ll receive a beautiful DVD set of all 9 episodes and PDF printable transcripts (available online) of our expert videos. You’ll also get a printed version of The Human Longevity Project Action Plan. Plus, you’ll have access to all of the full-length interviews delivered digitally online.

The Human Longevity Project Package includes:

  • DVD Set and digital pass with all 9 Episodes
  • Digital Access to Over 90 Expert Interviews
  • Digital Access to 20 Centenarian Interviews
  • Transcripts of All Interviews (PDF)
  • Printed Human Longevity Action Plan
  • MP3 Files of all interviews

4th Prize: A $300 Value

Classic VegTrug Elevated Garden Bed From Lehman’s

This classic elevated garden bed is perfect for folks who don’t have a lot of yard space for planting. Even better, it’s cleverly designed with legs so you don’t have to bend down to your hands and knees!

  • Gives you enough space to grow up to 30 vegetable plants at any one time!
  • Has fittings, so you can attach netting and fleece (you supply) easily to protect crops from frost and pests
  • Made from sustainable sources with a replaceable fitted membrane liner, keeping in the compost and with perforations for good draining
  • Planter is treated with food-safe preservative
  • Dimensions: 72.20″ x 29.92″ x 31.5″

Note: Some assembly required.

5th Prize: A $250 Value

The Outfit From Scythe Supply

The Outfit includes everything you need to start mowing:

Outfits are composed of quality parts and will satisfy both beginners and experts.

  • Maine Snath made to measure
  • Choice of high quality blade
  • Natural whetstone
  • Choice of metal / plastic stone holder
  • Peening jig
  • The Scythe Book

Winner will choose their own blade, with custom sizing, and includes the option of pre-sharpening.

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Cover Crop Mix From High Mowing Seeds

Organic Non-GMO Cover Crop Seed

Cover crops have the capacity to improve soil conditions by increasing organic matter, fixing nitrogen, breaking up compaction through root penetration, suppressing weed growth and preventing erosion of fallow ground.

This high quality, non-GMO mix of organic cover crop package offer a variety of seeds including grasses, legumes, buckwheat and other mixes:

  • Common Buckwheat
  • Medium Red Clover
  • Winter Rye
  • Hairy Vetch
  • Field Peas
  • Oats

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The Plane Cloud From Fluidstance

Step on the premium Plane® Cloud and you’ll feel like you’re moving on air. Adding a little extra cushion to your day, the attached foam top is 100% recyclable and made from naturally non-microbial materials to prevent odor. This deck offers the same geometry and functionality of the category-creating Level,® but in a tighter package. Eco-friendly like all their products, the Plane is US-made and composed of recycled materials. The base is molded from 100% post-industrial recycled plastic (high molecular HDPE), which is one of the strongest recyclable plastics available. The entire product can be recycled, reducing landfill waste over time.

  • 24” long x 12” wide x 2.5” tall
  • Weight: 5lbs, 15oz
  • Designed for use up to 200 pounds
  • Made in the USA; designed and built in California

8th Prize: A $100 Value

Grow Your Own Groceries DVD & Digital Set

The best-selling DVD that launched The Grow Network, with over 300,000 copies distributed worldwide.  Marjory Wildcraft reveals how anyone can easily grow healthy, nutritious food in your backyard, in less than an hour a day.

The system is specially designed for you to be able to produce an abundance of vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, and eggs simply and easily without buying a lot of ‘stuff’. Focusing specifically on how to grow deeply nutritious, organic, clean food in a truly sustainable way.

Which means you’ll be able to grow food in good times . . .

Or even if things get difficult.

9th Prize: A $100 Value

Raising Meat Chickens DVD & Digital Set

Raising Meat Chickens, was produced by Marjory on her rural Texas homestead with the goal of empowering you to it yourself.

The film lifts the veil . . . showing you the entire process from beginning to end . . . and letting you see for yourself:

  • There’s really nothing mysterious or difficult about this.
  • With a little guidance at the outset, anyone really CAN raise their own chickens for meat. 

The set also includes a 154-page companion guide, that further breaks down every aspect of raising chickens for meat and eggs.

With lots of pictures and helpful lists, it provides just enough information to give you confidence, without boring or overwhelming you.

10th Prize: An $80 Value

How To Grow Half Your Own Food DVD & Digital Set

How to Grow Half Your Own Food, is designed specifically for people who are looking for an easy-to-follow plan that will greatly increase the nutritional value of their diets, without making a significant impact on their budget or schedule.

If you fall in to one or more of the categories below, then this system is designed just for you:

  • People with Busy Schedules
  • People with Limited Space
  • People who Want an Instant Setup with no Trial and Error

The set includes all the information you need to begin implementing the three components of this simple new system.

11th Prize: An $80 Value

Alternatives To Dentists DVD & Digital Set

The Alternatives To Dentists DVD, Teaches you how to save $1000s on dental care by healing and naturally repairing your own teeth.

Learn how to maintain the health of your teeth:

  • WITHOUT using toxic chemicals like fluoride!
  • WITHOUT traumatic dental procedures like drilling, extractions, or surgery!
  • But instead, only using things found in nature!

Winner will receive both the DVD set & lifetime Digital access.

12th Prize: An $80 Value

Treating Infections Without Antibiotics DVD & Digital Set

The Treating Infections Without Antibiotics DVD, a 10-lesson video series that gives you the skills to treat common everyday injuries that would normally have you running to the doctor.

Discover how to treat these injuries:

  • Burns
  • Snake & Spider Bites
  • Staph Infections
  • Sprains
  • Broken Toes or Fingers
  • Cuts & Lesions
  • and More . . .

Winner will receive both the DVD set & lifetime Digital access.

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