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The Home Grown Food Summit may be over…

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By popular request, we’re making lifetime access available to the COMPLETE video library of the 2020 Home Grown Food Summit.

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. . . 36 Presentations From Leading Experts Helping You Become Free Of Supermarkets And Guarantee Your Supply Of Food And Medicine!

Presentations Include . . .

Ronnie Cummins

Grassroots Rising: How Regenerative Ag Can Save The World

Katrina Blair

Powerful Wild Weeds

Mike Adams

Biosludge Exposed

Stacey Murphy

Understanding Your Climate: 3 Proven Strategies For A More Abundant Harvest

Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, RH

Herbs Aren’t Kale: How To Grow Medicinal Herbs At Home

Brian Gandy

Growing Your Own Cannabis

Melissa Norris

Growing A Year’s Worth Of Fruits & Vegetables In Your Backyard

Jerome Osentowski

Greenhouse Forest Gardening

David the Good

“Compost” The Movie

Angie Barger

Growing A Tea Garden With Kids: The Tea Garden Project

Justin Rohner

5 Elegant Ways To Grow Food VERTICALLY

Lynn Gillespie

Top 5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Greenhouse

Amy Landers

Gardening With Kids: Sowing Seeds Of Character, Creativity, & Connection

Greg Peterson

Planting Fruit Trees

Anne-Marie “Dash” Miller

Defeating Garden Pests

David the Good

How To Start Your First Vegetable Garden Without Breaking The Bank

Kevin Espiritu

Container & Raised-Bed Gardening

Jason Matyas

The Secret Of Interplanting: How To Increase Your Garden Production Without Increasing Garden Size

James Fry

7 Homemade Fertilizers: From Trash To Treasure

Dr. Patrick Jones

Kitchen Medicine II: More Medicinal Herbal Wonderments In Your Spice Drawer!

Jeanette Beranger

Build A Better Chicken

Dr. Patrick Jones

Teeth To Tummy: Herbal Interventions For The Upper Digestive System

Stephanie Boucher

Cannabis In The Kitchen

Steven Churchill

4 Myths Of Worm Composting

Tom Bartels

Temperature & Timing: Natural Systems For A Successful Food Garden

Dan Bussey

How To Graft Apple Trees

Savannah Brown

The Chicken Whisperer

Paul Munsen

Cooking With The Sun

Geoff Lawton

Property Purchase Checklist

Loretta Craig

Victory Gardens: Myths, Facts, History, & Inspiration

Mark Loiacano

The Electronic High-Tech Chicken Coop

Red Louvish

Road Kill: Judging The Edibility Of Found Meat

Adrienne Fiakas

One Hour Cheese

Marjory Wildcraft

10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate

Brook Le Van

Regenerative Biodynamic Farming

Tasha Greer


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