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Here’s a look at the presentations that will be available for 48-hours of free viewing:

Ronnie Cummins

Grassroots Rising: How Regenerative Ag Can Save The World

Katrina Blair

Powerful Wild Weeds

Mike Adams

Biosludge Exposed

Stacey Murphy

Understanding Your Climate: 3 Proven Strategies For A More Abundant Harvest

Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, RH

Herbs Aren’t Kale: How To Grow Medicinal Herbs At Home

Brian Gandy

Growing Your Own Cannabis

Melissa Norris

Growing A Year’s Worth Of Fruits & Vegetables In Your Backyard

Jerome Osentowski

Greenhouse Forest Gardening

David the Good

“Compost” The Movie

Angie Barger

Growing A Tea Garden With Kids: The Tea Garden Project

Justin Rohner

5 Elegant Ways To Grow Food VERTICALLY

Lynn Gillespie

Top 5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Greenhouse

Amy Landers

Gardening With Kids: Sowing Seeds Of Character, Creativity, & Connection

Greg Peterson

Planting Fruit Trees

Anne-Marie “Dash” Miller

Defeating Garden Pests

David the Good

How To Start Your First Vegetable Garden Without Breaking The Bank

Kevin Espiritu

Container & Raised-Bed Gardening

Jason Matyas

The Secret Of Interplanting: How To Increase Your Garden Production Without Increasing Garden Size

James Fry

7 Homemade Fertilizers: From Trash To Treasure

Dr. Patrick Jones

Kitchen Medicine II: More Medicinal Herbal Wonderments In Your Spice Drawer!

Jeanette Beranger

Build A Better Chicken

Dr. Patrick Jones

Teeth To Tummy: Herbal Interventions For The Upper Digestive System

Stephanie Boucher

Cannabis In The Kitchen

Steven Churchill

4 Myths Of Worm Composting

Tom Bartels

Temperature & Timing: Natural Systems For A Successful Food Garden

Dan Bussey

How To Graft Apple Trees

Savannah Brown

The Chicken Whisperer

Paul Munsen

Cooking With The Sun

Geoff Lawton

Property Purchase Checklist

Loretta Craig

Victory Gardens: Myths, Facts, History, & Inspiration

Mark Loiacano

The Electronic High-Tech Chicken Coop

Red Louvish

Road Kill: Judging The Edibility Of Found Meat

Adrienne Fiakas

One Hour Cheese

Marjory Wildcraft

10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate

Brook Le Van

Regenerative Biodynamic Farming

Tasha Greer


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An Anti-Viral Protocol: Natural Control Of Influenza, Herpes, Hepatitis A/B/C, Shingles, And Other Viruses
from Donna Gates


Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP, is one of the most respected authorities in the field of digestive health, diet, and nutrition. A pioneer teaching about the “inner ecosystem” long before the vast popularity of what is now called the “gut microbiome.” – this 1:23 hour presentation demystifies the inter-connections of your diet, microbiome, and immune system. With her practical advice, you will be empowered so you too know how to use your food as medicine.

  • What to do (an NOT do) if an influenza epidemic or pandemic breaks out.
  • Can you ever completely kill a virus in your body?
  • Good viruses? Yes! And you’ll learn how to use them to your benefit.
  • Edo-phages: The little known, but highly effective natural anti-biotics.

It’s a $30 value,
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Gift #2:

10 Strategies For Growing In A Changing Climate
from Marjory Wildcraft


With decades of experience within homesteading and self-sufficient movements, Marjory has seen the already-drastic challenges that a changing climate has brought to home-growers. Your early access to her thought-provoking, 45 minute presentation will equip you with the tools you need to survive – and thrive – in our quickly-changing world.

  • Down to the facts and what you can do in all extremes, no politics here.
  • How do we take care of our elders and children during extreme heat, even with no electricity?
  • Learn why animal products are the easiest food sources to produce in all climates.
  • Great tips to help you transform ‘failure’, and discover the surprising benefits of diversity.

It’s a $30 value,
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Gift #3:

Compost: The Movie
from David the Good


David the Good is the author of eight, highly entertaining and knowledgeable gardening books including Compost Everything, Grow or Die, Free Plants for Everyone and Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening. You’ll receive early access to his popular “Compost: The Movie”.  It’s a 55 minute journey that’ll change the way you compost – forever!  You’ll find yourself looking at almost EVERYTHING to add to your pile of future “black gold”.

  • Extreme composting – Way beyond the browns and greens!
  • How to compost bones, old milk, fish, and even your enemies
  • 7 ways you never thought that composting could be funny

It’s a $30 value,
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Top 10 Immune Boosting Herbs


Your immune system is under constant attack . . . and there’s no time like the present to give it some help!

The good news? Treating your immune system with plant-based remedies will
help you fend off illness and even save you money.

Herbal medicine is an ancient healing art that still has incredible relevance today. More than 40 percent of Americans currently rely on some form of plant-based medicine, and you too can benefit from these herbal remedies. This 12 page eBook will set you on the path to super-charging your immune system with 10 powerful plant allies.

It’s a $25 value,
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Gift #5:

50 Easy And Free Fertilizers To Power Up Your Garden


Home gardeners spend millions each year on fertilizer for their plants . . .


While many scientists agree that chemical fertilizers are harming the environment,
organic fertilizers are draining our wallets . . .

But, there’s great news! You can easily make your own fertilizers from organic waste and other things you already have around the house. This 12 page eBook delves into 50 surprising sources you may already have available to make the best fertilizer you’ve ever used . . . never buy bagged compost again!

It’s a $25 value,
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Gift #6:

The Organic Gardener’s Toolkit Blog Series
by Tasha Greer


An Introduction For Everyone Who Wants To Grow Organically

An exclusive and in-depth article series by Tasha Greer that guides you through organic practices that can be implemented easily in your garden – no matter how big or small it is! Increase your yields, avoid harmful chemicals, and enjoy your own organic produce with these topics and more:

  • Clay, Sand, Silt, or Loam? Discover Your Garden’s Soil Texture In 5 Easy Steps
  • At-Home Soil Test Kits: How to Use Them . . . And Why You Should
  • Special Challenges to Managing NPK in the Organic Garden
  • Mycorrhizael Inoculant: A Powerful Solution to the Organic Gardener’s Catch-22
  • 5 Reasons Your Green Beans Are Thriving (When Nothing Else Is)

It’s a $25 value,
yours FREE!

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of The Practical Skills And Knowledge You Can Expect To Gain During This Empowering FREE Global Event:

Using rhythms, intention, and application of frequencies for measurable increases in crop production and quality.

Pests! How to identify what’s eating your plants, and how to use beneficial insects to your garden’s advantage.

How to compost bones, guts, fish – and even your enemies!

How novice American gardeners created 40% of the produce in their first year growing.

5 Crazy high-tech innovations for the ultimate chicken coop – Never again worry about sleeping in late, or forget to close the coop at night!

The shocking toxic waste found in a store-bought compost and fertilizers.

Learn the powerful medicinal properties of cinnamon, cumin, ginger, oregano and oodles of other spices you already have in your pantry!

Increase your vegetable garden harvest 15% without doing any extra work!

6 Common problems people have when gardening with children . . . and how to avoid them.

Biofurnaces: How to actively compost in the coldest of climates.

The #1 most important habit for successful chicken breeding.

When it is best to be “Lazy” in your garden (and when you better be on it!)

How to sustainably grow all your own fertilizer and mulch.

Discover how to call nature’s bluff and turn garden “failures” into garden success.

Uncover the four biggest myths of worm composting and how to boost your garden’s production with compost tea.

Kill insects, unwanted seeds, fungus, and diseases in your soil, plus bake, boil, steam or roast complete meals which will never burn – all with the power of the sun!

Goat Curious? A beginners guide to all things goats!

Why container gardening is can be an incredibly powerful method for growing nutritious food.

Step-by-step, fail-proof guide that’ll have you making your own, delicious cheese in less than an hour.

Learn the difference between cannabis and hemp and everything in between – THC, CBD, CBG, Food, Fiber, and Fuel.

Discover the common weed that has more calcium than milk, and one that contains the power to heal your liver.

3 Surefire ways you’ll kill a tree (don’t do this!)

Why the ‘hair pulling’ test isn’t accurate for judging the edibility of roadkill.

How to grow 16 medicinal herbs at home and even a delicious and healthy coffee substitute.

Beyond the Brownie – using cannabis in your kitchen.

Learn which herbs to use for serious dental issues like periodontal disease or tooth abscess.

Learn the secret history of why they put parsley on your plate at the restaurant!

How to get kids to voluntarily choose “green” time over screen time.

Regenerative organic farming practices – going truly beyond organic.

Learn the actual functions of the herbs in the digestive tract rather than just lists of what herbs are good for what issue.

10 Strategies you must learn now for growing in a changing climate.

How to grow in a greenhouse year-round, even when you live next to Santa Klaus.

5 Benefits of growing VERTICALLY & the 13 best crop choices for vertical gardens.

Simple and easy way to graft your own apple trees.

Be inspired by a 13-year-old chicken whisperer.

The trick to getting root vegetables to fully mature.

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