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AI And The Future Of Food
Dr. Kai-Fu Lee
  • The coming tsunami of job losses and who will get axed.
  • The biggest myth of AI Super-intelligence.
  • How agriculture – big and small – will be affected by AI and robots.
  • The way to plant tomatoes to avoid disease before it starts.
  • How to prune tomatoes for disease control and increased harvest yield (and when you shouldn’t prune).
  • Learn to extend your tomato season when growing in cold climates.
  • The real difference between ancient grains and modern processed grains.
  • How ancient grains can be a part of paleo and ketogenic diets.
  • Beyond Bread: Innovative ways to use whole grains and ancient grains.
  • Exactly what are microgreens?
  • Learn how to set up trays, sow seeds, harvest, and store.
  • How to prevent common problems from the start.
  • How Slow Money invested $70+ million dollars into 698 organic farms.
  • The new financial models that bring money down to Earth.
  • How you can invest as if food, farms and fertility mattered.
Why Growing Your Own Food Is Essential To Living To A Healthy 100 Years Old
Jessica Smith
  • How growing your own food can improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and eliminate depression.
  • The 10 Habits of centenarians.
  • The reason Elders have noticed changes in the taste of food.
  • The 17 essential herbs to grow in a temperate climate.
  • How planting herbs can boost your entire garden’s productivity.
  • How to use the herbs you grow for your families health.
  • The differences between hydroponics and soil-based gardens.
  • Learn the basics of nutrients and how to start seeds hydroponically.
  • Discover the 6 types of hydroponic systems, complete with cost estimates.
  • How to create stories that change lives and get people to recognize the value of soil.
  • Learn to clearly communicate the difference between Degenerative and Regenerative Agricultural Practices.
  • How soil is built (explaining so your audience understands carbon sequestration).
  • What is the Back to Eden story?
  • Paul’s response to people living in desert regions.
  • Paul’s recommendations for greenhouses and soil amendments.
Chicken Sales Mini Business
John Livingston
  • How to setup and run a successful side business selling laying hens.
  • Specifics on how to raise chicks to laying hens for sale; licensing, infrastructure, feed, and predator protection.
  • Explanations of the tax write-offs associated with the business of flipping chickens.
  • Why a scythe is better than a weed whacker.
  • The mental and physical health benefits of using a scythe.
  • How using a scythe can build soil fertility.
  • The impact of AI on food and the potential jobs crisis.
  • Discussion on the 3 biggest challenges facing organic farmers today.
  • Is Joel planning on growing cannabis anytime soon?
  • The single most important thing to have before your goat goes into labor.
  • You’ll learn when the ligaments REALLY disappear (and it is not a week or two before labor)!
  • Understand the pros and cons of separating pregnant does from the herd.
  • Robert uncovers the 5 myths of how roots grow.
  • Understand the secret “underground” life of roots.
  • Improve your yields with knowledge gained from years of painstaking research on root systems, in less than an hour.
One Hour Cheese
Adrienne Fiakas
  • Step by step directions on how to make your own cheese in less than an hour.
  • An overview of the tools and supplies needed for home cheese making.
  • You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get started with cheesemaking.
  • How to bake a tray of muffins with only 2.5 lbs. of wood.
  • Learn the many ways you can cook with a rocket stove.
  • How to test your rocket oven to know where any hot spots are.
  • How to start a vermicomposting bin, keep it going, and produce lots of “black gold”.
  • How to raise meal worms, not only to feed your chickens, but make them LOVE you and go where ever you want them to!
  • How to build a bin with an automatic dispenser so that these nutritious insects will march out right and into the mouths of your chickens!
  • Make a super productive garden bed for $0!
  • How to improve hard clay and lousy sand, and make your soil hoard water.
  • Compost sources you must absolutely avoid.
  • How to setup and use efficient irrigation systems.
  • Learn to create an effective pest and weed control plan.
  • Why it’s important to begin with perennial crops, and how to plan for efficient harvesting.
3 Simple Strategies To Start Growing Vegetables And Herbs Indoors
Stacey Murphy
  • How to put fresh food on your plate in 7 days anywhere, anytime!
  • #1 Easiest strategy to start growing vegetables indoors today.
  • See how vacation can train you to be a better indoor vegetable gardener.
  • Where to buy whole grains, and why you really should mill your own flour.
  • What kinds of grains can be milled into flour, and the pros/cons of several varieties.
  • How to store whole grains and milled flour for the longest shelf life.
  • Discover the medicinal value hidden in your spice rack.
  • Find out which medicinal spices are the easiest to grow.
  • Learn to easily incorporate delicious medicinal herbs into your diet to improve health and wellness.
  • Spray, drip, or flood – which is the best watering system for you?
  • Irrigation Design: The 4 Keys to Success.
  • How to setup an automatic watering system for your garden and know how long to water.
  • Why even if you love what you do, creating a “Saleable” entity should be your business goal.
  • What is your “Business Success Index” score?
  • How to Increase your business success with a Catalyzing Statement.
How To Cook On A Woodburning Stove
  • Overview of the different types of wood cook stoves.
  • Cooking differences using a wood stove versus gas or electric.
  • Tips to make sure your food turns out perfectly.
  • Secrets of chicken production from a teenage chicken whisperer.
  • How to increase your hatch rates from eggs to chicks.
  • How to inspire other kids into home chicken businesses.
  • 5 Fruit trees you start from seed that produce in LESS than two years.
  • 3 Secrets for sprouting difficult tree seeds.
  • Learn how to grow plums, peaches, apples and even dates from fruit you get at the grocery store!
  • Three scientific experiments that will forever change how you interact with plants.
  • How to scientifically demonstrate that plants can learn (just like Pavlov’s dogs).
  • Fascinating results revealing that plants can ‘hear’ and respond to sound.
  • The realities of bee keeping (getting stung).
  • How much land do you need to keep bees and is it safe in an urban area?
  • How to build a bee swarm trap and get bees for free!
10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate
Marjory Wildcraft
  • The most effective strategies for producing food in a changing climate.
  • The 2 essential principles to mitigate risky weather.
  • 5 production failure mistakes to avoid.
  • Learn how Lynn reduced her greenhouse heating bill from $10,000 to $165!
  • The most important question to ask yourself before you start growing in a greenhouse.
  • How to layout your building to get the most out of your premium greenhouse space.
  • Learn to turn your local restaurant refuse into black gold.
  • How to vermicompost in trenches and the best worms to use.
  • Why this method is highly recommended, but also how to know when situations aren’t ideal for vermi-trenches.
  • How to get herbal medicine into children (and adults that are acting like children).
  • 5 Sneaky ways to incorporate medicinal plants into foods your family already enjoy.
  • Fun recipes to help incorporate healing plants into your daily diet.
  • The 3 Types of Soil Prep: Double Dig, Broadfork, and No-till, and which is the best for you?
  • Only weed ONCE per season when you learn the magic of plant spacing.
  • Learn how to cut your garden Labor in half!
  • How to identify and select an oak tree to harvest from.
  • The easiest and fastest method for processing acorns ever!
  • 5 Delicious acorn recipes, and learn to store acorns before and after processing.