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Adrienne Fiakas

One Hour Cheese

  • Step by step fool-proof directions guide you on how to make your own cheese in less than an hour.
  • The important differences of the types of milks you can make cheese with.
  • Guidance on the tools and supplies you’ll need to start home cheese making.
Amy Landers

Gardening With Kids: Sowing Seeds Of Character, Creativity, & Connection

  • 6 Common problems people have when gardening with children…and how to avoid them!
  • Master the must-do practices that protect your kids from health and safety risks in the yard Keeping your kids safe in the garden.
  • Uncover the two essential elements that will make your yard so inviting that kids voluntarily choose “green” time over screen time.
Angie Barger

Growing A Tea Garden With Kids: The Tea Garden Project

  • How caring for an herb garden enhancing kid’s development of self-care, empathy, body awareness, mindfulness, and observation skills.
  • A review of a broad array of perennial herbs used to start a tea garden in any growing zone.
  • The three herbs that make a super delicious, kid-approved drink.
Anne-Marie "Dash" Miller

Defeating Garden Pests

  • Learn to tell the difference between a squash bug and a vine borer.
  • How to use beneficial insects to help combat those not-so-beneficial types.
  • See how to make a beautiful squash trellis for pennies!
Brian Gandy

Growing Your Own Cannabis

  • In-depth review of the differences between cannabis and hemp, exploring THC, CBD, CBG, and their use as food, fiber, and fuel.
  • The pros and cons of germinating seeds vs. starting from clones and how to decide between growing inside, outside, or in a greenhouse.
  • Learn how to care for your plants from the vegetative and flowering phases, to pest management, and though to harvest.
Brook LeVan

Regenerative Biodynamic Farming

  • Learn exactly what “Biodynamically Grown” means and why this method is way beyond organic.
  • How Biodynamic soil amendments and preparations are “land therapy” and see how greatly they contribute to healing the land beyond the farm.
  • Discover the rhythms, intentions, and frequencies involved that increase plant health during growth and up to harvest.
Dan Bussey

How To Graft Apple Trees

  • Learn to grow your own apples and help rescue antique varieties at the same time.
  • With a sharp knife, rubber bands, rootstocks and scion wood, you too can reproduce your own trees, renew an aging orchard, and participate in scion exchanges.
  • See how simple and gratifying grafting your own tree can be.
David the Good

Compost: The Movie

  • Extreme Composting: Way beyond the browns and greens.
  • How to compost bones, guts, fish, and even your enemies!
  • 7 Ways you never thought that composting could be funny!
David the Good

How To Start Your First Vegetable Garden Without Breaking The Bank

  • Learn the easiest way to build your first garden bed, and the tools every gardener needs to have.
  • Discover how to feed your garden without spending a dime!
  • Set yourself up for success with the easiest vegetables to grow – even if you’ve never grown anything else before.
Geoff Lawton

Property Purchase Checklist

  • Learn how to choose and design a property to prioritize for self-sufficient food production.
  • Discover the way to being confident in supplying for you and your family’s needs while gaining great contentment from living a meaningful lifestyle.
  • Know how to evaluate for an initial foundation of good property design. Plus, get expert advice for planning, implementing, and ongoing maintenance which will result in a property that needs less inputs over time and provides increasing production.
Greg Peterson

Planting Fruit Trees

  • 3 Surefire ways you’ll kill a tree (don’t do this!)
  • The 6 Keys to fruit tree success.
  • Get the magical soil recipe that guarantees fruit tree success, and advice for a water schedule that will give you huge fruit tree production.
James Fry

7 Homemade Fertilizers: From Trash To Treasure

  • Learn how to make your own compost tea.
  • Humanure? It’s not a gross as it sounds with these simple, and safe, handling techniques!
  • Surprising ways to turn your common wastes into a super root stimulator.
Jason Matyas

The Secret Of Interplanting: How To Increase Your Garden Production Without Increasing Garden Size

  • Know exactly how to time your plantings to maximize space utilization.
  • How to stack varieties and companion plants to maximize production in any given space.
  • Get advice on rotating crops, even in small spaces, to reduce disease and increase soil health.
Jeanette Beranger

Build A Better Chicken

  • The #1 most important habit for successful chicken breeding.
  • How to determine the egg-laying capacity of a hen!
  • How to breed a large flock with a SMALL amount of land.
Jerome Osentowski

Greenhouse Forest Gardening

  • An in-depth discussion of Climate Battery technology using passive and active greenhouse heating and cooling systems.
  • How to use coppice plants and home agroforestry to create food, medicine, fertilizer, and fodder in one easy system.
  • How to grow tropical plants any climate.
Justin Rohner

5 Elegant Ways To Grow Food VERTICALLY

  • 5 Benefits of growing VERTICALLY, and 13 best crops for vertical gardens.
  • Reviews of 5 commercial wall garden systems and other options available to get you growing UP easily.
  • How to create the best microclimates for wall gardens.
Katrina Blair

Powerful Wild Weeds

  • An introduction to 5 hugely successful community building projects powered by wild weeds.
  • Discover the common weed that has more calcium than milk and another one with the power to heal your liver.
  • Learn the recipe for a poultice that will empower you to care for dislocations using only wild weeds.
Kevin Espiritu

Container & Raised-Bed Gardening

  • Shed light on the unique challenges of caring for a container garden and know how to avoid the biggest container gardening mistakes right from the start.
  • Why container gardening is a surprisingly powerful method for growing and abundance of nutritious food.
  • How to choose varieties that will thrive in containers, and a list of vegetables that are the easiest to get started with.
Loretta Craig

Victory Gardens: Myths, Facts, History, & Inspiration

  • When the Victory Garden movement began (and it wasn’t WWII)
  • Be inspired by novice American gardeners who were able to create 40% of their produce in their first year growing!
  • What you need to know to start your Victory Garden today.
Lori Valentine Rose, PhD, RH

Herbs Aren't Kale: How To Grow Medicinal Herbs At Home

  • How to navigate the difficult seed-starting techniques of medicinal herbs plus expert techniques for those that need soaking, scarification, or stratification to get started.
  • Detailed guidance on growing 16 medicinal herbs (one of them is a delicious coffee substitute!) and which like containers, wet or dry conditions, or lots of room to grow.
  • How to create the right environment to grow and reproduce your own medicinal herbs at home.
Lynn Gillespie

Top 5 Vegetables To Grow In Your Greenhouse

  • The best 3 ways to use a greenhouse to grow food and the 5 top vegetables for abundant production.
  • Timing secrets and tips on how to grow in a greenhouse year round, even when you live next to Santa Klaus.
  • The 3 characteristics for selecting tomato varieties for growing in a greenhouse and when you should never grow tomatoes in a greenhouse.
Marjory Wildcraft

10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate

  • Discover the surprising benefits of diversity and get Marjory’s tips on how you can recover from and transform from “failure”.
  • Down to the facts and what you can do in all extremes, no politics here.
  • How do we take care of our elders and children during extreme heat, even with no electricity?
Mark Loiacano

The Electronic High-Tech Chicken Coop

  • 5 Crazy high-tech innovations anyone can implement to have the ultimate chicken coop.
  • How to make an automatic coop door opener for pennies using a surprising source for parts.
  • Plus, see an innovative system for reducing chicken feed waste.
Melissa Norris

Growing A Year's Worth Of Fruits & Vegetables In Your Backyard

  • Get a simplified plan on how to start, what to think about, what variables to consider for your family size, your time, and your land.
  • Discover a variety of broccoli to plant that can yield 3X production!
  • Know how to calculate the amount of food you will need to grow based on your family, and how to plan out your garden to match your needs and tastes.
Mike Adams

Biosludge Exposed

  • You’ll be shocked to learn of this toxic waste that found in many commonly sold compost and fertilizers.
  • Discover the chemical marker to look out for that indicates your yard has been biosludged!
  • Learn what to do if you suspect your gardening soil or yard has been contaminated.
Dr. Patrick Jones

Kitchen Medicine II: More Medicinal Herbal Wonderments In Your Spice Drawer!

  • Learn 7 more herbs that you likely have in your spice drawer that offer powerful medicinal properties.
  • Why do they do that? Learn why they put parsley on your plate at the restaurant!
  • Know the one thing you CAN’T do with turmeric, and how to cure an earache in minutes…every time!
Dr. Patrick Jones

Teeth To Tummy: Herbal Interventions For The Upper Digestive System

  • Discover herbs that are ideally suited for digestive issues, and which specifically help indigestion.
  • Learn which herbs to put to use when dealing with serious dental issues like periodontal disease or tooth abscess.
  • In-depth knowledge of the functions of the herbs in the digestive tract rather than just lists of what herbs are good for what issue.
Paul Munsen

Cooking With The Sun

  • Harness the power of the sun to boil drinking water, naturally dehydrate fruits and vegetables, make jerky, bake, boil, steam or roast complete meals which will never burn all while reducing your utility bills.
  • Learn an easy method to dry herbs without breaking down the essential oils and vitamins to increase nutrients.
  • You’ll learn how to kill insects in grains or dried foods, and even turn the sun on your used potting soil to restore its original sterile state.
Red Louvish

Road Kill: Judging The Edibility Of Found Meat

  • Why the ‘hair pulling’ test isn’t accurate for judging the edibility of roadkill.
  • Know exactly what to look for in roadkill to determine if the animal was healthy or diseased, and if the meat is still safe to eat by the time you get there.
  • Plus, all you need to know about the legality of harvesting meat from found animals.
Ronnie Cummins

Grassroots Rising: How Regenerative Ag Can Save The World

  • Discover how regenerative organic farming practices – going beyond organic – supports local economies and heals the earth.
  • Be inspired by Ronnie’s work with Via Organica – An organization he started in San Miguel that promotes regenerative farming, and connecting local farms with local restaurants and grocery stores.
  • See how supporting local farmers by buying their food builds strong outlets for them to thrive and grow.
Savannah Brown

Chicken Whispering: How To Talk So Chickens Listen

  • Secrets of chicken production from a teenage chicken whisperer.
  • How to increase your hatch rates from eggs to chicks.
  • How to inspire other kids into home chicken businesses.
Stacey Murphy

Understanding Your Climate: 3 Proven Strategies For A More Abundant Harvest

  • Increase your vegetable garden harvest 15% without doing any extra work.
  • Discover how to call nature’s bluff and turn garden “failures” into garden success.
  • How To Go ALL IN: Squeeze more food into your small vegetable garden even if you have a short growing season.
Stephanie Boucher

Cannabis In The Kitchen

  • Why you’re ignoring a nutritional powerhouse if you only work with the flower of the Cannabis plant.
  • Historical examples of recipes and formulas that incorporated Cannabis.
  • Beyond The Brownie: Using cannabis in the kitchen, plus a recipe for cannabis pesto (and it’s delicious!)
Steven Churchill

4 Myths Of Worm Composting

  • What is Vermicomposting and how can you use it to the benefit of your to plants and soil?
  • Uncover the four biggest myths of worm composting.
  • Learn the easiest way to start your own worm bin and the best worms to get started with.
Tasha Greer


  • Goat Curious? You’ll love this beginners guide to keeping goats!
  • Learn how to provide 50-90% of your goats feed directly from your land.
  • Discover the easiest breed to get started with and their amazing potential for milk, meat, and even entertainment!
Tom Bartels

Temperature & Timing: Natural Systems For A Successful Food Garden

  • Get access to lookup tables to find your specific frost dates.
  • Know when it is best to be “Lazy” in your garden (and when you better be on it!)
  • Biofurnaces: How to actively compost in even the coldest climates.